How to temporarily enlarge your penis

man measures penis after enlargement

14% of men on earth are happy with the size of their penis. At the same time, among the remaining only 33% would like to enlarge the penis and are ready to resort to the necessary measures. However, very few decide on something cardinal, most want to first see a temporary result and assess the need for change. Hence the question, how to quickly enlarge the penis?

Swelling method to increase in an hour or on the day of sex

There are a great many ways to increase male dignity (both in length and in diameter). However, they are all based on improving blood circulation to the penis and genitals. Here are some ways to increase blood flow to your penis:

  1. Jelqing: Penis enlargement exercises and massage. The technique is based on stretching the dignity in length by self-massage with hands. The best result is achieved after a few months, but a slight temporary effect can also be observed immediately after the half-hour procedure.
  2. Watching porn enlarges the penis, making it bigger. While this is a tricky point, just watching adult movies improves erection quality, but not penis size. However, everyone knows that with strong arousal, the penis can lengthen a little, using internal reserves. But it should be a film that embodies the innermost dreams of the beholder.
  3. The extender also improves blood circulation. However, for a minimum temporary visual result, it is recommended to wear it for at least 3 hours before sex. At first, wearing the device is extremely inconvenient, and you can count on a long-term result only after at least six months. Important! Improper exposure of the penis to the weights of the extender can lead to tissue rupture.
  4. Vacuum pump for added value. The most convenient and common method. Allows you to quickly stimulate blood flow and maintain artificial puffiness for 8-12 hours.

For a more significant effect, experts recommend combining all available methods, but with short breaks. You should not engage in penile stimulation for more than an hour and a half. This can injure the outer tissues and adversely affect the sensitivity of the head.

the structure of the male reproductive system and penis enlargement

There are also alternative methods and recipes for quick results in penis enlargement. Most of them are based on the use of various warming ointments: from lamb fat or dried leeches. However, as observations show, at least some effect can be achieved only by combining traditional medicine with massage (manual or mechanical).

It should be noted that all of the above methods imply penile edema. It is due to the influx of additional fluid that it will seem more impressive. But the inflamed organ does not support an erection well and may partially or completely lose sensitivity.

Contraindications and precautions

During emergency penis enlargement, care must be taken to ensure that the method is effective and safe. Before delving into how to increase blood flow to the penis, it is recommended that you take some precautions:

  • it is recommended to refuse to perform any exercises in case of pain symptoms;
  • it is imperative to take care of the use of a cream or good lubricant so as not to erase the penis to blisters (the average duration of any exercise is half an hour);
  • for a while, the penis may partially lose sensitivity, but complete loss (especially of the head) should not be allowed.

It is also recommended to pay attention to a number of diseases in which the question of how to artificially increase blood flow to the penis (both temporarily and in the long term) disappears:

  1. for problems with veins in the groin, because swelling can affect the clogging of the tubules;
  2. in the presence of urological diseases of any severity;
  3. with weak connective tissues of the genital organ;
  4. with prostatitis and sexually transmitted infections;
  5. in the presence of oncological tumors, such an effect can affect the growth of the neoplasm.

Important! It is not recommended to use any short-term or long-term methods of penis enlargement for young men under the age of 19. As you know, all our organs grow on their own until a certain age, and you should not worry, after a month the results may already change.

Turning to traditional medicine for means to increase the dignity, it is recommended to pay special attention to the test for an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a little ointment to the inside of your wrist and leave it on for 15 minutes. Next, you should remove the excess and watch the reaction. If no redness, rashes or itching appear on the skin within 10 minutes, you can use the homemade penis enlargement cream as directed.

Tips for the best effect and erection

To make the penis visually more solid and larger, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The vegetation in the genital area should be removed, revealing the most important organ. It also allows for increased sensitivity during sex. If this procedure occurs for the first time, extreme attention is required so as not to cut yourself and not to reduce it in size.
  • Every effort must be made to get aroused to the limit. This fact will also have a beneficial effect on visual perception. If problems with erection are identified, it is possible to use pills. Important! You should always read the instructions and follow the clear directions in them.
  • To increase the duration of the effect, it is recommended to extend the foreplay with your partner. Thus, there will be an additional massage effect and the edema will not subside for a long time.
  • Letting go of psychological barriers is recommended! It is very important! If you accept the idea that everything is fine with the size, then no one will notice the missing two centimeters and there is no need to think about how to enlarge the penis before sex.

It is also important to remember that the main thing is not the size, but the skill of owning the penis. During an emergency increase, it is this indicator that can be severely affected.