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Alfie Brejza


  • Methods of rapid enlargement of the penis in an hour or on the day of sex for a while, as well as ways to consolidate the achieved result. Contraindications and precautions. Tips for the best effect.
    15 December 2021
  • Is it possible to enlarge the penis with massage: the effectiveness of the technique. Preparation stages, main types and techniques of massage. Precautions and safety measures.
    1 January 2021
  • The principle of operation of the pump for penis enlargement. How to choose a device and how to use it. Contraindications for use. Effect and duration of the result.
    3 December 2020
  • How to enlarge the penis with soda: concentrated baths, compresses and scrubbing, massage. What effect can you expect. Contraindications and possible side effects.
    2 December 2020
  • Do popular methods of penis enlargement really work and how to achieve the result? Lagamentotomy, pharmaceuticals, vacuum pump and load suspension, folk remedies.
    2 December 2020