How to enlarge your penis quickly at home

How can you quickly enlarge your penis? What quick method of enlarging a man's penis at home will be effective? Undoubtedly, each of us values ​​our time. Many people believe that it is almost impossible to influence the size of the penis in a short period of time. However, there are methods that allow you to enlarge your penis quickly at home.

Pills for penis growth

methods of increasing the penis at home

Penis enlargement products have been developed specifically for those men who do not want to wait for weeks. The results from taking special pills developed on a natural basis are visible after the first use. Do you still think that such a drug does not exist? The effect of this remedy is achieved using extracts of Chinese cordyceps and ginseng root, as well as triethanolamine. The last component is an organic substance that has a positive effect on a man's sexual stamina. Also, such tablets are composed of active pectins and essential oils.

Taking pills stimulates the production of male sex hormones, affects the nerve centers, which improves arousal processes. The natural ingredients of the preparations are powerful natural aphrodisiacs that help increase sexual desire. Separately, the toning of the tissues of the male genital organ should be highlighted. With the regular use of drugs, hormonal levels are restored, and the necessary environment is created for stretching the elastic tissues of the penis.

After using the first tablet, you can quickly enlarge the penis in just one day. To obtain a cumulative effect, the penis growth agent must be taken within a month's course. To obtain the best effect, the drugs are recommended to be used 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. As for side effects, the risks of their occurrence are reduced to zero, since we are talking about products developed on the basis of natural ingredients.

Penis enlargement with a vacuum pump

How to enlarge your penis in 1 day? This is where a vacuum pump comes to the rescue. With infrequent use, it shows only a short-term effect. However, its action is enough to get a slightly larger penis, which will be noticeable during intercourse. The use of a low pressure area allows you to increase blood flow to the male genital organ, making it visually larger.

how to enlarge a penis at home with a vacuum pump

Such devices, when used periodically, improve male potency, and also make erection stone. However, attention should be paid to the possible risks associated with the use of a vacuum. The fact is that prolonged exposure to the sensitive skin of the penis of the area of ​​low pressure leads to the appearance of subcutaneous blood effusions and other injuries, which can complicate further sex.

In this regard, a hydraulic pump has been developed to reduce the risk of injury. Due to the contact of the skin of the penis with water, its elasticity increases, which makes this method of penis enlargement safer. However, as already mentioned, the use of a hydraulic pump or a vacuum pump is more for those who intend to get a short-term effect.

Penis enlargement with Vaseline

Some men decide to have a penis enlargement procedure with Vaseline at home. According to them, injections of the ointment fluid can help resize the genital organ, but this comes with great risks associated with uneven distribution of petroleum jelly under the skin of the penis. This home method of penis enlargement can also lead to inflammation. Therefore, it is important to adhere to all recommendations that are aimed at a successful penis enlargement.

An unsuccessful attempt to enlarge the penis quickly becomes the reason that the cavernous bodies of the penis are not completely filled with blood. Often, penis enlargement with petroleum jelly at home is accompanied by painful sensations during intercourse due to constrictions of connective tissue that form under the skin of the penis.

In their reviews of penile enlargement with Vaseline, men note that this method causes a number of new problems, including sexual dysfunction. Before taking such a step, you should think it over several times so as not to harm yourself and not infect yourself.

If you have already decided on penis enlargement by injecting a special liquid under its skin, then it is better to do it in a specialized clinic. Currently, there are several fillers that are used for this procedure, including hyaluronic acid. Its use is absolutely safe. However, over time, it tends to dissolve, so after a year, as a rule, the procedure for its introduction will have to be repeated.