How to enlarge your penis with baking soda?

ways to enlarge penis with baking soda

If you are interested in penis enlargement techniques, you are probably not satisfied with the size of your genital organ. Radical methods are far from always appropriate, so we propose to consider an alternative. One of the current techniques will tell you how you can enlarge your penis at home with soda.

First, let's make sure that baking soda can be effective and that it actually increases penis size. After that, you can already consider the recipes of alternative medicine and real reviews of men who tried the method by their own example. Do not forget about the precautions, try the other methods below.

Is it true that soda increases penis

Initially, most men have a logical question, can you really enlarge your penis with baking soda? Practice shows that no matter how amazing it is, it is possible. To understand how such a tool works, take a look at the composition. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate that thin the blood.

The properties of soda are as follows:

  • local skin irritation, which accelerates blood flow;
  • prevention of blood clots;
  • increased blood circulation improves erection;
  • skin irritation prevents diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • rapid achievement of an erection, increased sensitivity of the penis;
  • destruction of pathogenic flora, bacteria, microbes, fungi.

The onset of an erection of the penis, leading to its enlargement, directly depends on the circulatory system, blood circulation in the pelvic area. The stronger the blood fills the cavernous bodies of the penis, the larger it will reach. Regular stretching will increase the elasticity of the organ tissues, and thinning the blood will facilitate its circulation.

How to enlarge your penis with baking soda at home

Before resorting to baking soda recipes, prepare for events. What you need for this:

  • buy soda without any additives;
  • test the skin for an allergic reaction (wet the skin on the bend of the elbow, apply a little baking soda, check the condition of the skin in an hour);
  • steam up the skin of the penis with a warm bath, shower, compress;
  • Prepare any available means for massage (cream, napkins).

If you listen to the recipes of traditional medicine, the following methods are most often practiced:

  1. With oil.On clean skin of the penis, apply a little olive oil (you can use any other vegetable oil), then sprinkle with baking soda and perform rubbing massage movements. Follow these steps for several minutes, then rinse off the remaining oil with powder with warm water. Apply a moisturizer to prevent irritation.
  2. With honey. Mix honey and soda in the same ratio, and then apply on the steamed skin of the penis. Massage everything, hold for a few minutes, wash off the rest of the mixture with warm water. This recipe not only enhances erection, but also increases the sensitivity of the penis.
  3. Tray.For a liter of warm water, put 1 tablespoon of the powder, after dissolving, place the penis in the water for 15 minutes. Rinse off the rest of the composition under running water, moisturize the skin with a special cream.
  4. Vacuum pump.First apply the powder to the penis, rub a little, then use the back pressure device as instructed. The combined technique will improve the movement of blood through the vessels, this will give a pronounced effect.
  5. Compress. Add a large spoonful of powder to one glass of warm water. Dip the cheesecloth folded in several layers into the solution. After that, wrap it around the penis for a few minutes, repeating the procedure several times.


In order for baking soda to really increase the size of your phallus, do it regularly, but with great care. Heed the following precautions:

  • have a sense of proportion, do not overdo it with dosages and duration of procedures, otherwise you can provoke irritation and even burns;
  • test any components and improvised products for an allergic reaction before applying them to the skin of the phallus;
  • if there are scratches, irritation, traces of inflammation, even minor abrasions on the skin, stop using such a product;
  • do not massage the penis too intensively, avoid contact with the mucous membrane, head;
  • abandon the technique if you have penis deformities and other congenital malformations;
  • first read the theoretical part of the question, and then get down to practice, read the videos, reviews of other men, opinions of doctors.

Expert Opinion: Baking soda can lead to some side effects. These are allergic reactions, skin redness and swelling, painful sensations and burns, erectile dysfunction, potency disorders.

How to enlarge a penis without soda

The male penis and its functioning depend on a number of factors, so you shouldn't be limited to one method of enlarging at home. Good results and positive feedback from doctors suggest the following methods:

  1. Exercises- jelqing, Kegel exercises, stretching gymnastics. The technique will need to be applied within 3-6 months to obtain visible results.
  2. Use of lubricants, gels and sprays- these products are applied topically to the skin of the penis to increase blood circulation, increase the elasticity of the spongy bodies, stimulate erection and potency. Some of them contain hormones, synthetic components, plant and animal extracts, pathogens.
  3. Vacuum, water and hydraulic pumps for phallus- devices with a simple principle of operation. By exerting pressure on the penis, the cavernous bodies are more filled with blood, reaching a maximum erection. Regular use increases the degree of elasticity of the organ, improves blood circulation.
  4. Surgical methods- they give a quick and pronounced effect, but they involve great health risks. Plastic surgery permanently changes the shape and size of the phallus, but it is painful and requires a long period of rehabilitation. Today they practice classical phalloprosthetics, augmentation with hyaluronic acid, ligamentotomy.
  5. Folk recipes- the best results are shown by such products as soda, honey, ginger, ginseng, garlic, thyme. They practice internal reception of decoctions, tinctures, local application of liquid, cream-like mixtures.
  6. Massageis ​​the best and most affordable technique that does not require any expenses. It is advisable to carry out procedures in conjunction with other techniques and techniques. A man can use baking soda and simultaneously perform massaging movements.
  7. Suspension of loads- the technique came from the peoples of Africa, it is effective, but painful and traumatic. It is imperative to follow all instructions in order not to harm your health.
  8. Preparations- the principle of action of such funds is also aimed at improving blood circulation in the groin area. Most often, Chinese tablets, dietary supplements of natural origin, vitamins and erection stimulants are used.
  9. Extenders- a device for gradually stretching the tissues of the penis. It is also a traumatic, but effective technique. An arc, strap, vacuum, combined type of extender is used.
  10. Diet- proper nutrition can affect the genitals. Experts recommend adding seafood, tonic products to the diet, everything that contains zinc, protein, herbs to improve hormonal levels.

Helpful Potency Tips

To avoid any problems with sexual functions, adhere to several rules for maintaining potency:

  • avoid gaining excess weight -as obesity has an extremely negative effect on blood vessels, blood circulation, hormonal background;
  • how to enlarge your penis with baking soda
  • give up bad habits -smoking constricts blood vessels, preventing normal blood circulation in the penis, alcohol disrupts the work of nerve endings, negatively affecting potency;
  • balance your diet -focus on foods containing protein, zinc, vitamins A, E, C and B;
  • monitor the state of blood pressure -prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the vessels;
  • exercise for at least 30 minutes a day -this will improve blood circulation, prevent stagnation, increase immunity;
  • observe the work and rest regime -do not overwork, sleep at least 8-10 hours daily;
  • have regular sex life -in order not to deplete the body, but also to prevent abstinence, leading to stagnant processes.

Watch your psycho-emotional state, as stress, depression, overwork, fears and self-doubt can disrupt the functioning of the genitals.

The opinion of men

To be convinced of the effectiveness of the use of soda for penis enlargement, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the real reviews of men practicing the above proposed methods and recipes.

  1. Opinion one:I can't say that I have a small penis, but I always wanted to have a couple of extra centimeters. First I applied compresses, after that I began to perform massage with soda and honey. The first results were recorded three months after regular work. Now, during an erection, my penis has increased by 1. 5 cm.
  2. Second opinion:I have been using soda for a long time, at first I took it a little inside, and now I began to rub the skin of my penis and alternate massage with baths. At first there was a slight burning sensation, the skin was dry. But using a greasy cream solved the problem. After a couple of months, I noticed an improvement in erection. I don't notice any significant changes in size, but I'm more than satisfied with the quality of sex life.
  3. Third opinion:I have always had a complex about penis size. I would not dare to have an operation, and there is not so much money. I decided to try different alternative methods. I gave up bad habits, changed my diet, began to massage my penis using soda and oil. I can't say that the penis has increased. But if you do the procedures before intercourse, within a few hours the erection is just stone.