How to enlarge your penis at home: exercises and methods

Many men would simply dream of finding an effective method of how to enlarge their penis at home, since dissatisfaction with their size greatly affects self-esteem. Of course, most often we are talking about imposed stereotypes of society and non-existent problems, but there are exceptions to the rules when it is extremely necessary to increase the length of the penis.

If you do not get rid of complexes and self-doubt, in the future, psychoemotional imbalance can negatively affect potency. Therefore, experts offer many effective methods, thanks to which it is possible to increase both the length and the diameter of the penis without surgery. One has only to understand the degree of effectiveness of each technique separately.

Penis enlargement exercises

how to enlarge a member at home

The simplest home enlargement solution is to do two simple exercises. Both exercises can be performed at any time without the help of specialists, as well as regardless of the physical activity of the man.

First exercise

Exercise Bend - with two fingers of one hand they grip the ring at the base of the penis, with the other hand they grip the ring at the base of the head. Then the penis is gradually bent down to the base, holding the position for 20-30 seconds. You need to repeat the exercise up to 5 times, but so that it does not cause pain and discomfort.

Second exercise

Uli exercise - a man needs to reach 100% erect state, after which one hand clasps the base of the penis. Holding the base of the penis for 30-60 seconds, a man needs to perform such exercises 2 more times. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to provoke organ injury.


For many men, the important question remains whether it is possible to increase the size of the penis using any self-massage techniques.

penis enlargement massage

In fact, many men use such a technique, since it does not require costs, special efforts, sacrifices, and only brings pleasant sensations. Massage not only helps to quickly provide an increase in the length and diameter of the penis, but also stimulates sexual function.

To begin with, the tissues of the organ need to be warmed up; for this, a soft towel is moistened in warm water, after which the penis is wrapped in it. After the towel has cooled down, repeat this procedure 2-3 more times. There are many massage techniques:

  1. Tao Technique- two fingers close the base of the penis in the form of a ring, after which the ring should, as it were, push blood to the head at a slow pace, stopping the fingers in the head area for 10 seconds.
  2. Uli's Technique- to increase the thickness of the penis, the shaft of the penis is wrapped around, compressed for a period of 30-40 seconds up to 5 times. The main condition for massage is an erection.
  3. Double Uli- with one hand you need to grab the base of the penis, the other - its head. First, the penis is slightly squeezed, then stretch to the base. In an erect state, the exercise is done 30 times.

There are also many other self-massage techniques that are similar in principle of action and technology to the indicated options. A man can choose the type of massage exclusively on his own, taking into account his preferences and characteristics.

Hanging loads

hanging weight for penis enlargement

You can enlarge your penis for free and quickly at home using another technique popular all over the world - hanging weights from the penis. But this is not only an effective, but also a traumatic way, in which it is important to follow all the rules and instructions for implementation. Under the weight of the load, the cavernous bodies of the penis will constantly stretch, so the result will be expressed only in an increase in length.

First, the genital organ needs to be massaged, then an adhesive plaster is glued to the head area to fix the lace. A small weight is attached to this lace, which first needs to be held for about 25 minutes. Over time, the weight of the weight and the duration of the procedures gradually increase.

For reference!During the suspension of the load, it is important to correctly calculate the load on the organ so that numbness of the head and a feeling of pain do not occur.


Another technique for increasing penis growth using conservative techniques is the use of an extender device. Such a device was originally intended to correct the curvature of the penis and congenital shape anomalies. Today, with the help of an extender, it is possible to stretch the penis to increase its size as a whole, but if approved by a medical specialist.

penis enlargement extender

The extender stretches the tissues of the penis, which under such influence rapidly begin to grow. Thanks to this, the device guarantees an effective and long-term result, for this the device must be used daily for several hours, but without feeling severe pain and trauma to the penis.

Gel, spray, ointment, cream

Today, experts offer a variety of topical preparations to increase the length and diameter of the penis without surgery. Many of them cost a lot of money, so it is important to consult with a specialist before such a serious cost. Sprays, creams and ointments can offer 3 types of effects:

  1. Short-term- flushing and maximum enlargement of the penis under the flush of blood only at the time of sexual intercourse.
  2. Long-term- such drugs have a complex effect on the entire body and sexual functions.
  3. Auxiliary- in tandem with potent drugs, such drugs increase their effectiveness.
ointments and gedi for penis enlargement

Most often, drugs of this profile affect the circulatory system, accelerating blood flow to the spongy bodies, which provokes their stretching. They also affect hormonal levels, increasing the production of testosterone, which increases the quality of all sexual functions. Also, the drug helps to relax the smooth muscles of the penis and stimulate tissue growth.

Penis Sleeve

If a man needs to enlarge his penis quickly and without significant effort and work on himself, you can use special attachments for the male member. It has been proven that such a device increases the thickness and length of the penis, and also stimulates an increase in potency in general. Experts offer two options for nozzles - open and closed.

The closed attachment is more suitable for enlarging the genital organ, the main thing is that the attachment is soft, smooth and elastic. The ideal material for the attachment is silicone, which is as tactile as possible to human skin. The maximum growth from the nozzle is up to +10 cm. The nozzle will help a man to prolong sexual intercourse, as it reduces the sensitivity of the head.


jelqing for penis enlargement

Jelqing is another popular penis enlargement technique. Also, jelqing massages are called "penis milking". In fact, the manual impact on this organ promises the maximum results that a man can only expect.

First exercise

First you need to warm up the spongy bodies of the penis to increase their flexibility and elasticity. To do this, you need to heat salt or any grain in the form of cereals in a pan, then move it into a tissue bag, attach it to the genitals. Warming up should be done on all sides of the penis to relax the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies. After that, you need to provoke an erect state.

A lubricant is applied to the skin of the penis in the form of a lubricant, then the mixture is rubbed with massage movements, stimulating the penis to erection. At the very base, the penis must be grasped with two fingers, after which the ring of fingers must be drawn to the head, thereby stretching the organ. You need to bring the ring to the beginning of the head, but without affecting it. You need to start such exercises with 40 stretches, gradually extending to 200 repetitions.

Second exercise

Next, you need to perform the second exercise, in which you will need to press on the penis with the whole palm of your hand. The member needs to be grasped with a hand and held in a tight position for about 10 seconds. If the penis does not fit in one hand, you need to use the other hand. Next, the penis is pulled in turn in different directions strongly, but so that the exercise does not cause pain.

For reference!Performing these two exercises on an ongoing basis and strictly according to the rules, according to men's reviews and the assurances of experts, in a month you can fix the result of +2 cm to the initial length of the penis.

Is the increase in soda a myth or reality?

baking soda for penis enlargement

The main effect of soda is to neutralize oxidative reactions, as well as to remove toxins and toxins from the body, and eliminate free radicals. Also, soda has 2 effects - drying and disinfection. For the male body, daily use of baking soda promises the following results:

  • treatment of sexually transmitted infections;
  • suppression of the inflammatory process in the prostate;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • blood cleansing;
  • stimulating the immune system to protect against pathogenic flora.

Soda helps to improve the production of genital secretions, stabilizes hormones. To increase the penis, soda is used in different ways, after 3-4 weeks the growth will be up to +3 cm. It can be soda baths, compresses, massage and scrub. It is only important to follow all the rules and instructions for each technique.

How to enlarge your penis at home

To get detailed information about a particular method of penis enlargement at home, experts offer men a variety of training videos.

Additional methods include folk recipes and techniques that work less noticeably, suggesting a long course of therapy. In the event that conservative techniques have proven ineffective, a man can use a radical method of surgical intervention. This technique allows you to increase the length up to 4 cm, but if there is a doctor's indications for that.