Penile enlargement

Ligamentotomy is a low-traumatic plastic surgery that allows you to increase the length of the penis (penis).

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The size of the penis is an important aspect in a man's sex life. In cases of dissatisfaction with the size of the penis, a man may experience problems not only in intimate relationships, but also in the social sphere.

Penile enlargement methods

There is a huge variety of methods for increasing the length of the penis. Their descriptions promise penis enlargement without surgery. These methods include various gels, creams, nutritional supplements, and even injections. Unfortunately, they are all ineffective and at best harmless when used.

Among the non-surgical methods, it is worth highlighting the use of vacuum pumps and erection rings. These devices do allow to some extent increase the size of the penis in an excited state, but the effect of them is temporary.

Penile enlargement surgery, Ligamentotomy

At the moment, it is possible to significantly increase the length of the penis only with the help of surgical techniques. The most common, effective and low-trauma technique is ligamentotomy, a partial transection of the ligament that supports the penis. This ligament fixes the penis to the pubic bones. As you know, there is a free (visible) part of the penis and an internal (hidden) part, fixed, including by the ligament that supports the penis. When it is partially crossed, it becomes possible to free up to 4 centimeters from the inside of the penis.

The operation to increase the length of the penis is performed on the day of hospitalization and lasts about half an hour. After preliminary preparation, anesthesia and antiseptic treatment in a sterile operating room, cosmetic access is performed on the anterior surface of the scrotum, after which access to the ligament supporting the penis and its partial transection is made.

After the operation, the patient spends several hours in the hospital or can stay overnight.

After operation

After discharge, it is necessary to limit physical activity for 1 month, as well as dressings for some time. During the entire recovery period after surgery (about one month), it is necessary to refuse sexual activity in any form, including masturbation. At the end of the recovery period, a man can return to his intimate life in full. Around the same time, a seam made using a special cosmetic technique becomes almost invisible.

Possible complications and contraindications will be discussed individually with you by your attending physician.

Wearing a stretcher after surgery

To achieve a good result, after the operation, you must use a special device - a stretcher (or extender). The purpose of wearing a stretcher is to prevent the transected part of the ligament from recovering and to record the result of the surgical intervention.

After penis lengthening surgery, the stretcher / extender should be worn every day for at first 2 hours, gradually increasing this time to 6-8 hours a day.

The minimum time to wear a stretcher after surgery is 2 months. The result of penile enlargement largely depends on the methodical and disciplined man, as well as the correct wearing of the stretcher. Incorrect use of the device can cause complications, for example, paraphimosis, so you need to carefully follow all the prescriptions of doctors.

After the end of the recovery course, you can count on an increase in the length of manhood up to 5 cm.