Penis enlargement myths

To feel like sex giants, men are capable of anything! Any advice, any technique, any exercise is fine as long as it makes the penis seductive and desirable for women. Every year, more and more unconventional ways to achieve this goal are invented. It is believed that active sports and sex are the main recipe for the success of a real macho. Although, history knows and much more unconventional and original ways: walking with a kilogram kettlebell on the penis, stretching with vacuum pumps, etc.

Those who have resorted to such methods will say - all this is painful and absolutely ineffective nonsense! So, over time, a big problem was born from a small member, and it was the turn of scientists to work on it. And what came of this?

At the end of the last century, namely in 1995, a team of psychologists, sexologists and andrologists began to work on a device that would solve the problem of a "small penis" without surgical intervention. And now, thanks to the latest technical developments, as well as the professionalism of scientists, a device was created that significantly exceeded all expectations. With the help of the novelty, the penis in a state of erection is enlarged in patients: by 1 cm in girth and by 4 cm in length.

A similar effect occurs due to the tensile force acting on the penis. The stretching force promotes cell growth as well as adaptation of the penis tissue. In other words, the member "grows" due to the general increase in the number of cells. In the vast majority of patients (about 97%), the penis is steadily increasing by half a centimeter per month! Further studies have shown that the newly formed cells are no different from the "old" ones, so the effect of lengthening the penis remains forever!

The device, called "extender", is an apparatus made up of plastic supports and a ring connected by movable metal rods. The device is so easy to use that the patient himself, without anyone's help, can remove and install it. The ergonomic shape and small size of the device make it possible to carry it while standing, sitting and even walking.

There are a large number of opinions around the problem of penis enlargement, among which there are both true and absolutely false. So, the truthful theses include:

  1. There is an effective way to enlarge the penis. More precisely, even two: surgery and the method of stretching the penis (using an extender). Moreover, preference is often given to the non-surgical method, becauseit is not only effective and reliable, but also has no side effects.
  2. Surgery (eg, ligamentotomy, V-Y plasty) may have side effects. There are a number of negative effects caused by operations. In addition, the effect of enlarging the penis is not guaranteed - the healing of the scar and its subsequent tightening often leads to the opposite - the reduction of the penis.
  3. The extender is the only reliable device for stretching the penis. No other "units" can match it in efficiency and, most importantly, in safety. It is recommended to use extenders, which are advised by your doctor, and not "word of mouth".
  4. The extender needs periodic reinstallation. Thanks to the device, your organ will grow by half a centimeter every month. Therefore, the device must be reinstalled as the penis lengthens.
  5. The effect achieved with the extender lasts a lifetime. You do not have to worry that the centimeters "built up" by means of the device will disappear - the device guarantees a lasting result! Many thousands of patients around the world have already convinced themselves of the veracity of this thesis.
  6. After using the pull-back device, the erection improves. As practice shows, the extender not only increases the volume of the penis and its length, but also contributes to a better erection. This is due to the fact that when wearing the apparatus, new blood vessels are formed, which, in turn, lead to increased blood circulation in the organ.

Among the false theses, the following are most common:

  1. The size of the penis can be increased thanks to exercises presented on the Internet. All methods based on training the muscles of the penis are absurd and from a medical point of view - impossible! It is impossible to "train" a member and, moreover, to increase its size - it has no muscles! The penis consists of the corpora cavernosa and corpora cavernosa. When blood accumulates in them, they expand, which causes an erection.
  2. There are penis enlargement pills. Such funds do not exist (officially), therefore they are not prescribed by doctors. If you were offered a pill "for penis growth" somewhere, you should know - this is a fraud! Nothing, except for poisoning, such "drugs" do not contribute.
  3. You can enlarge the penis using a special device, where the organ is attached to the leg by means of a belt. This statement is simply ridiculous. Even if there is such a "apparatus", then its effectiveness seems extremely doubtful, if only because it is impossible to control the process of pulling. And the use of a "foot drive" can lead to serious injury to the penis.
  4. Using an extender can cause side effects. An absolute lie! Using the device in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and the rules of the instruction is effective and 100% safe!

Truth and myth about whether it is possible to enlarge the penis in reality

New techniques, tools, devices and even homemade devices for penis enlargement appear every day. By advertising his product, the manufacturer guarantees that thanks to his products, the penis will rapidly increase in size, gaining the missing centimeters in length, in diameter and, accordingly, adding in volume. It's just to figure out where the myths and deception are, and where the whole truth about the increase in members is, is not so easy. Sometimes the lie seems convincing, but the real facts, stated dryly, are hard to believe. You cannot be fooled, so you need to be careful and check the facts to see if the radish helps grow a large phallus.

How to enlarge your penis: true

woman surprised by man's enlarged penis

Trying to understand whether it is true that it is possible to enlarge the penis, it is necessary to analyze the information. If the manufacturer declares this in the instructions of the proposed product, then the words should be trusted. But they usually do not write a lie that in a month the penis will become 2 times larger or after the first use of the device it will be possible to notice the enlargement of the head.

And yet, separating the grain from the chaff, it's time to draw conclusions and tell what the reality and truth of penis enlargement is:

  1. The introduction of hyaluronic acid in the form of injections into the head can increase its volume by about 30%. Due to this, the penis itself becomes larger. However, this effect is not eternal, therefore, it will be possible to rejoice in happiness for about a year, and then the substance dissolves and you have to be content with the previous size or resort to regular manipulations.
  2. It is possible to lengthen the male genital organ by surgery. Doctors dissect the ligaments, which adds a few centimeters.
  3. Lipofilling helps to increase the volume of dignity. This is the injection of a man's own fat into the subcutaneous space of the penis.
  4. Complex operation ligamentotomy also leads to enlargement of the penis. But the whole truth is that this is a dangerous path and a road. Such operations are not performed in all even specialized clinics.

Penis enlargement: myths and lies

Funny and sometimes ridiculous myths about penis enlargement are quite common. Someone believes them, others check, and some of the guys just ignore. To prevent more speculation from being born, let's try to focus on the most popular myths:

man measures penis after enlargement
  • If you increase the size of a man's penis, then the woman will experience more pleasure in intimacy. This is a deception, because girls like an affectionate attitude towards themselves more, rather than a rude penetration into the bosom.
  • Sellers of creams, gels, sprays promise the coveted 2 - 3 centimeters in a few days. A miracle will really happen, but only for the duration of an erection, as drugs increase potency. And then everything will return to basics. When using instruments, it will take weeks and months to achieve this goal.
  • Exercise damages the penis and does not add length to it. This is also not true, because exercises improve blood flow, heal not only the penis, but also the prostate gland, only they must be carried out systematically and correctly.

Having learned the truth and myths about penis enlargement, everyone will draw conclusions in reality himself and choose for himself the method that turns out to be safe, but effective.

Myth: Penile enlargement is quick and easy.

Fact: It takes time to enlarge your penis.

While some rumors claim that penis enlargement is not possible, others say that it is a quick and easy process. All these speculations come to the person with various e-mails and penis enlargement advertisements.

In many ways, all this false information is the reason why many people are skeptical about an increase in the size of the penis:

Although an increase of 5 cm is possible, it is definitely not in a two-week period. 5cm per year sounds more real. Exercise doesn't work overnight. It doesn't matter what organ or set of muscles you train, be it your penis, abs, or even your brain.

The cultivation process always takes time and determination. If you have both, then success awaits you.

How long will it take to reach the desired size? Here is what the results of the survey of study participants showed:

  • Most men who gained 2. 5 cm or less in length, girth, or aggregate took 4 months to achieve these results;
  • Most men who gained between 2. 5cm to 5cm in length, girth, or aggregate took 3 to 12 months to achieve these results;
  • most men who have gained more than 5 cm in length, girth, or the aggregate took more than one year to achieve these results.

Ideal type of thinking

Change your mindset from Immediately! on "Over time, I will have the size of the penis that I want. "Why? Because if you start with a now or never mindset, you will either overtrain or not finish the first two weeks of training. But if you approach the exercise with the understanding that it will take at least a few months to achieve the desired results, then you will have the necessary patience to carry it through. Exercise is most beneficial when you treat it as a healthy habit - like brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, for example, or going to the gym.

In general, the results are roughly as follows: Gains of 2. 5–5 cm are fairly common and require several months to a year of work. 7. 5 cm is already a rarity, but some men managed to gain even more, on average it takes a year to achieve such results. In any case, every man is unique: some add 5-10 cm in 3-4 months, while others add a few millimeters in a few years. There are several factors that affect the speed of achievement of the result. Let's list some of them:

  • Your aim. If you need to strengthen your erection level, it only takes a few weeks. If you want to enlarge your penis by 100 percent or more, it will take you much longer.
  • Frequency of classes. It is necessary to adhere to a constant training plan, but if you overdo it, the exercise can harm you and you will stop gaining in size.
  • Correctness of implementation. Improper exercise performance is the biggest difficulty for many men, some do not even gain in size for this very reason. You will learn how to train your penis correctly and how to maximize your size in the second part of this book.

There are other factors that can influence your results, including genetics, the types of exercise you use, the number of sets, and your attitude.