How to increase the width of the penis

The ideal size of a man's penis is different for everyone. To give a woman pleasure and a feeling of fullness during sex, the penis must have impressive volumes.

The thickness of manhood can be increased in a variety of proven ways. Some are based on increasing blood flow and blood flow to the penis, while others increase the level of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for primary male sexual characteristics. Let's look at how to increase the width of a member in various ways.

How to correctly measure the thickness of the penis

Some men and young guys do not know how to measure the width of the penis in order to understand whether it is far from ideal. There are several ways to take measurements. The main thing is that during the procedure the penis is in an erect state (the ideal time is morning), there are no outsiders who can affect the condition of the penis, and there is a comfortable environment.

Methods for measuring the volume of the penis:

  • calipers;
  • tape measure;
  • thread and ruler.

What should be the width of the penis? This question worries many men. It is believed that the thickness of the penis 3-4 cm is the norm for a healthy body.

Methods for increasing the thickness of the penis

extender for increasing the thickness of the penis

Thickening of the penis is selected purely individually. To achieve the desired result, it is important to follow all the advice of experts.

How to increase the width of the penis using popular methods:

  1. Massage. It is performed with incomplete erection with the obligatory use of lubricant. You need to perform circular movements with your hands from the base to the head.
  2. Vacuum pump. The device increases the blood flow to the penis, which stimulates the development of the expansion of the cavernous bodies. The effect is temporary, so it is better to use the pump before sex for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Extender. Increases the penis not only in length but also in thickness. Thanks to a special device, muscles are pumped up.
  4. Creams and ointments. The drugs are aimed at improving blood flow to the genitals. They are temporary, so they are applied 15 minutes before sex.
  5. Hyaluronic acid injections. The procedure takes about 25-35 minutes. The width of the penis will increase by 1-1. 3 cm.
  6. Hormonal pills. The drugs increase testosterone levels in the body. Side effects are possible, so you need to use the medicine according to all the rules, following the instructions or the advice of a doctor.
  7. Jelqing. You need to relax before starting the exercise, after achieving an incomplete erection. Lubricate the penis with lubricant and press at the base. Slowly guide your hand towards the head. As if stretching in length. This will improve blood flow.

other methods

penis enlargement surgery

Surgical intervention remains an effective and reliable method. There are several forms of surgery. These are lipofilling (the introduction of adipose tissue), implantation of balls (hypoallergenic material is used) and the "perovik" technique (implantation of a cartilaginous framework). It should be understood that this is all risky and in some cases fraught with serious consequences.

You can supplement one of the selected methods with herbal medicine. To do this, use infusions of wormwood, aloe juice, ginger root or ginseng. According to experts in the field of traditional therapy, herbal infusions will help to increase the production of the male hormone.


Many men in a joint shower or bath are considering the width of their friends' penis. After all, the sexual organ is the dignity of the male part of the population. If there is real dissatisfaction with the thickness of the phallus, then you need to resort to effective measures.