How to enlarge the penis without surgery: effective methods

operative penis enlargement

How can a man's penis be enlarged without surgery? How to really lengthen the penis without surgery? Representatives of the stronger sex are asked similar questions, who exclude an increase in their genital organ with the help of ligamentotomy.

Some men are not satisfied with the method of surgical intervention because of the cost of the issue, others do not dare to go under the knife of a specialist, because they fear irreparable postoperative results. Although ligamentotomy, as noted by surgeons, is a harmless intervention, it still carries risks that can ruin a man's intimate life.

And how can a man's penis be enlarged without surgery? We will talk about this further, drawing attention to the most popular and effective methods.

Penis stretching with extender and hanger

ways to wear an extender to stretch a penis

It is possible to enlarge a man's penis without surgery using a device called an extender. Its principle of action is based on stretching the tissues of the phallus, which contributes to the appearance of new cells. However, to achieve the result, you will have to stock up on time and patience. The fact is that for the desired effect, the extender will have to be worn for 4-6 hours a day for several months.

Often, to achieve this goal, men have to resort to this method of penis enlargement within six months. Naturally, much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Nevertheless, as practice shows, the process of lengthening the penis with the help of an extender cannot be called quick.

Before choosing an extender, you should pay attention to its performance. The cheapest models are loop, which are attached with a bundle. Often, wearing them is accompanied by blackening of the skin of the phallus and pain due to chafing. But the options for the execution of extenders with an adhesive element reduce the risk of injury.

Another option for enlarging a man's penis without surgery is to use a hanger. A special structure is attached to the phallus, which is accompanied by weights. As with the extender, the man will have to be patient. The very process of using a hanger is often accompanied by painful sensations due to improper fastening of the hanger and excessive loads.

Vacuum penile enlargement

vacuum and hydraulic pump for penis enlargement

Vacuum pumping allows you to improve the filling of the cavernous bodies of the phallus with blood, which has a positive effect on the erect state of the penis. The use of a pump helps to achieve a long lasting stone erection and gradual penis enlargement.

However, the use of vacuum models is often accompanied by subcutaneous hemorrhages. Because of this, you have to take forced breaks between workouts, which negatively affects the final result. The fact is that in order to achieve the increasing effect, regular exercise is required. With pauses in training, the effectiveness of vacuum pumping decreases.

Fortunately, science does not stand still. To make life easier for men who intend to increase the size of their genital organs without surgery, a hydraulic pump has been developed. In the latter, the skin of the phallus is in contact with warm water, therefore, in such an environment, the penis swells and rises in the shortest time. A special valve that releases the liquid allows you to reduce the pressure inside the hydraulic pump. Some models come with straps to free your hands while pumping.

However, opinions of men using a hydropump vary. Some argue that thanks to the hydraulic pump, the penis becomes larger by a third. Other representatives of the stronger sex complain about the relatively quickly fading effect. To obtain a more lasting result, special techniques have been developed that are aimed at lengthening and thickening the male organ.

Penis enlargement with ointments

penis enlargement ointment

The effect of using pharmaceutical ointments and home remedies for penis enlargement is different. Most often, the achieved result is short-term. Although much depends on the frequency of use. One of the penis enlargement tools is baking soda. It is mixed with a small amount of water until a thick slurry is obtained, after which it is applied to the skin of the phallus, gently rubbing. Water can be replaced with liquid honey, which will allow you to get healthy natural belongings. When using baking soda, as men note, irritation and burning sensation can be felt.

The golden star balm, when applied to the skin of the penis with the addition of water and baking soda, has a stimulating and softening effect on the tissues of the phallus. And rubbing it into the perineal area allows you to increase blood flow in the small pelvis. Other supporters of manual therapy recommend using Vietnamese balm between the lumbar vertebrae (in the area between the 2nd and 3rd). It is believed that this acupuncture point is responsible for male potency.

To better fill the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood, you can use heparin ointment. It is applied in a small amount to the skin of an excited male organ 10 minutes before intercourse. It is noted that its active components can not only affect the size of the penis, but also contribute to obtaining a stone erection. Also, pharmacy ointment can be applied to the head of the phallus if a representative of the stronger sex has problems with premature ejaculation.

Currently, there are many special gels and creams on a natural basis, the action of which is aimed at increasing the filling of the cavernous bodies and the growth of the tissues of the penis. To obtain a lasting result, you should take a monthly course. During this time, changes in the dimensions of the male organ are observed, and potency also noticeably improves. Due to the increased blood filling, the penis increases not only in length, but also in thickness. For maximum effect, a special gel or cream is rubbed in, applying jelqing exercises. Such manipulations allow us to prepare a favorable environment for positive changes.